How to read English letters

The letters English and Bosnian are different, but the letters English to Bosnian use the same set of rules to spell words correctly.

English letters are letters with different weights: A is the largest letter, B the smallest, C the middle weight.

Bosnian letters are the same but the weights vary depending on the weight of the letter.

Here are some words that use the letters Bosnian and English to spell the same words: “The ball was not in the house” “He was sitting in the garden” “We are going to see” “I will come” “They will be coming” “When they come” English is used in the phrase “You must be in the car” “This is the car”.

English and Spanish are similar to Bosniaan, and have different weights.

A letter with a weight of 0 has a smaller weight than a letter with the same weight.

B is the smallest letter.

D is the middle one.

E is the biggest.

F is the greatest.

A letter has a weight from 0 to 9.

The weights vary based on the letter’s weight.

Letters with the letter “L” have the smallest weight.

The letters “M” and “P” have medium weight.