Greyhound owner, trainer says he can’t explain the deafening roar of a dog

As the deafened sounds of a greyhound barking and howling fill the air, the owner of the greyhound trainer who was killed in a crash at a race in the Philippines last month said he couldn’t explain what was happening.

The incident occurred just two days after the death of a trainer who died after falling out of his vehicle during a race.

In a statement on Facebook on Wednesday, the Greyhound trainer, Victor Linares, said that he was returning from a race and the sound of his greyhound running was audible for a long time, before it suddenly stopped and became louder and louder.

“It was the most deafening noise I’ve ever heard in my life.

And I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Linare said.

“I tried to stop it but it kept going.”

Linares said he did not know if the sound was caused by a car or a drone, but he felt like his dog was in danger.

“The sound was like a big dog coming to life.

It was just so loud.

It didn’t seem like a dog,” Linores said.

In his Facebook post, Linarem said that at first he thought it was a drone but then realized the sound could be caused by something bigger.

“I was thinking, ‘OK, maybe this was a big plane or a missile or a helicopter,'” Linaret said.

Linare’s dog, a greyhound named “Maggie”, was killed after the crash.

“After my first look at the scene, I thought the drone was a helicopter or a plane.

But when I looked at Maggie, she was completely normal,” Lanires said in his post.

“It was like I had never seen her before.”

Linores posted a picture of Maggie on Facebook, and she later passed away at the hospital.

“In my mind I said, ‘What’s happening here?’

It’s unbelievable, but I couldn.

It just doesn’t seem real.

It’s like a nightmare,” he said.”

There’s no way to explain what it is, I’m just afraid.”

Larares posted another message on Facebook saying that he had just finished a training session with his dog, and he said he could not explain the noise.

“He was very good at running the race,” Larares said of his dog.

“The trainer said to me, ‘You have a dog, how do you know if he’s going to run a race?'”

Larare’s wife, Maria, said in a statement to ABC News that her husband is a “person of courage and strength,” and he has been in a lot of trouble over the years.

“To think that my husband was killed is just heartbreaking,” Maria Linarea said.