How to Translate Polish to English in Old English Names

By James Knepper / November 2, 2017 1:20 pm PST The phrase “to be translated in English” is often used in English-speaking countries to translate old English names.

But there are many other ways to translate words into English, and many other words can have different meanings in different languages.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the more common words you might encounter when you are searching for a new English name in Poland.

Polish-English Dictionary A Polish dictionary is available in English and Polish, and it is written in Polish.

The dictionary contains over 400 entries, which you can find on the Polish Ministry of Education website, as well as the Polish Government website.

You can also use Google Translate to help you search for words, and you can also download it from the Google Play Store.

The Polish language dictionary has some useful information about Polish names.

For example, it includes all of the Polish names that have been translated into English and vice versa.

Here is a sample entry for a name: Tzartřich, a Polish word that translates as “heaven,” is one of the few English words in the dictionary that is used in Polish, as shown in the image below.

There are over 100 different Polish words that have the same meaning, and most of them are written in English, but some of them could be translated into Polish.

It’s also possible to add new words and phrases to the dictionary.

The name of the city of Kraków is written as Třyk, which translates as, “the hill.”

Here are a few examples of the names that are in the Polish dictionary: Łęstzyński, “The hill” in English