The Worst NFL Draft Day Moments in History

The NFL draft has a history of being one of the most disappointing times in modern sports.

In some ways, it has been that way since the league began.

But, there are some great moments in the history of the draft that we have never seen in print, including the best draft day ever.

Here are the most epic moments in football history.


The Buffalo Bills drafted Aaron Rodgers with the No. 1 overall pick.

Rodgers was born in Buffalo, New York, and was raised in the nearby city of Rochester, New Hampshire.

But the Bills did not draft Rodgers because they thought he would be a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick.

In a draft that had a top 10 overall pick, the Bills chose a player who was one year removed from an ACL tear and a knee injury.

Rodgers would not have been the No 1 pick if not for the injury, but he was drafted No.1 because he was one of two players to ever get the nod with the first pick.


The Denver Broncos selected Peyton Manning with the fourth overall pick in 2005.

Manning had not played in a season since his rookie year in 1999, when he played for the Indianapolis Colts.

The Broncos had to choose between Manning and Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback who had just won a Super Bowl, so they took the former first overall pick with the second pick.

Manning is the only quarterback to win at least six games in a single season since Brett Favre in 1996.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Tim Tebow with the 10th overall pick the year before.

Tebow had been selected as the No 2 overall pick by the New York Jets in 2004.

He was the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super League championship, and he was selected with the eighth overall pick because the Bucs had just traded their pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a seventh round pick.

Tebows career has taken a turn for the worse after a year of injury and knee injuries, but his selection with the 11th pick is a big reason why he became one of football’s most valuable players.


The New York Giants selected Odell Beckham Jr. with the 16th overall selection in 2006.

Beckham had been drafted by the Giants in the second round in 2009.

He played for New Orleans and New York in his rookie season, but then suffered a torn ACL in his knee.

Beckham was drafted by Miami and went on to become the first player in NFL history to record four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.


The Arizona Cardinals drafted Derek Carr with the 25th overall overall pick at the end of the 2012 season.

Carr was drafted with the 18th overall choice by the Oakland Raiders, and they needed to choose a quarterback, so the Cardinals chose Blake Bortles, a passer with a history in the NFL.

Borties career was not great, as he threw for a combined 5,859 yards and 37 touchdowns in his first two seasons.

But he had a strong rookie season and was the starting quarterback in 2016.

Carr has not been the same since, as the Cardinals have lost seven of their last nine games, and the team is in desperate need of a quarterback.


The Dallas Cowboys drafted Dak Prescott with the 29th overall draft pick in 2015.

Prescott had just played his second season at the University of Mississippi, and had not thrown for over 400 yards in a full season since 2009.

However, the Cowboys took Prescott with a seventh-round pick because they knew he would improve the team.

Prescott is the best player in the league at his position, and it would not be a surprise if he would become a top five quarterback for the next decade.


The Miami Dolphins selected Cam Newton with the 42nd overall pick during the 2013 draft.

Newton had just started his career at North Carolina and had been a two-time Pro Bowler in the ACC.

Newton was the sixth overall pick to go in the first round, but the Panthers traded their second-round selection to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a first-round and fourth-round draft pick.

Newton is the most accurate passer in the country, and has the skills to be a superstar at the next level.


The Indianapolis Colts selected Andrew Luck with the 51st overall pick on Thursday, June 26, 2018.

Luck had just finished his sophomore year at the college level and was ready to play in the Super Bowl.

However a hamstring injury suffered in training camp hampered Luck in 2017, and while he was not expected to be ready to go for the regular season, the Colts selected Luck with their first-rounder to start the year.

Luck has not lived up to the expectations of a franchise quarterback, but that will not stop him from starting in Indianapolis.


The Atlanta Falcons selected Julio Jones with the 46th overall round in 2018.

Jones had just completed his sophomore season at Alabama, and his production was not as great as it could have been, but Jones had the best year