French expats take a French breakfast tea in the French Alps

The French expat community in the Alps is buzzing about a French-made espresso drink in the mountains of southern France.

A small, one-ounce-sized cup of French-flavored coffee is currently being sold by the French coffee company, Coffee-Star International, to its French customers for €3.50.

The product has a smooth, creamy taste that is made by a small-batch roaster in southern France, called Équipe, and it comes with an espresso drink of two shots of espresso.

Coffee-Star says the espresso drink is produced with the same high quality as the Espresso Martini, which is also made by Espresso Pro.

The company says the two products are both made by the same company in the region of Toulouse.

The coffee cup is about the size of a standard cup and can be filled to one-half full.

Esquire has its own website, where customers can find out more about the product.

Espresso Pro also has its website.

In France, espresso drinks are a popular dessert drink, with many people going to the bars and restaurants to drink a cup of coffee after dinner.

The French government has introduced restrictions to restrict the sale of espresso drinks in restaurants.

But French consumers are finding it easier to buy a French espresso drink, which may have become a trend with the French election coming up in a few months.