How to build a better football app for iPhone and iPad: The iPhone version

Bleacher report The iPhone version of Football Manager has been a massive success for Apple, with an estimated 10 million downloads, more than 50 million users and a user base that’s grown to more than 90 million.

Now, with the latest update, Football Manager 2017 on iOS has been updated to be able to import data from the iPad version of the game.

That means the game now supports the iPad’s Game Center as well as an additional option to import from the iPhone’s built-in database, making it a perfect match for iPad owners who want to use their iPhone for the game without having to resort to the Game Center.

In addition to adding the option to use the Game Centre, Football Managers 2017 on iPhone is also now able to sync data from both iOS and Android apps on the same device.

The iOS app is also available as a paid app.

For now, it’s unclear what this means for the next update, which will come later this year.

But, if you’re interested in using Football Manager to run your own games on your iPad, or want to be the first to try the game on a new device, you can download it now.