‘I think I’m going to die’: How Irishman saved himself from drowning in Niagara Falls

A man who saved himself and his two children from drowning during a Niagara Falls fire has written a book about the ordeal.

The Irishman, who goes by the stage name “Jimmy” in his book, The Waterfall, said he felt the force of the fire as he went down a staircase.

He said he tried to save his kids and the children’s grandmother by swimming out the front door.

Jimmy is seen in the film The Firestorm, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

But the family was swept away, the book said.

“Jimmy saved his family, he saved himself, he got out of the water, he put his kids in the car and drove them to the hospital,” Jimmy told The Irish Sun.

‘My first instinct was to put them in the back of the car.

That’s what I did, my second instinct was just to stay in the house, I was afraid the fire would come up the back, the back door and then I would drown.

I put my kids in my car and I went down the steps, I knew I was going to drown.

“Jimmy’s wife, Jill, died in the fire.

Jimmy said his wife and his son survived by running up and down the stairs in a panic.

They also took their three children with them when the fire broke out, with Jimmy having to drag them out.

Jimmy described his wife as a “kind, caring person”, but said he also found her “extremely cold and very hostile” towards him.

Jimmy’s mother-in-law died in a fire at their home in 2013.

Jimmy was taken to hospital after he and his family were evacuated from their home by fire engines, and his mother- in-law later died from her injuries.

His mother-sister, a nurse, also died in hospital after being saved by fire crews.

Jimmy and his wife were in hospital with burns after the fire, but he said the family decided to try and save the children.”

I told them they are my kids and I love them and I don’t want to lose them.

They said we can’t do that.

It was a very tough decision,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy told TheIrishSun that his mother and his sisters-in‑law were all “very supportive” and that his father and brothers were “kind” but that he did not have “a good relationship with them”.

Jimmy said he did have a good relationship “with his sisters” and his “grandmother”.

Jimmy is also known for his short story The Lost Ones, published in 2015.

The book, which has been adapted into a film by John Logan, was described as “one of the funniest and most moving books I’ve ever read”.

The story follows a young boy and his uncle who live in a trailer park in Pennsylvania.

The boy is a gifted musician and the uncle is an accomplished poet.

The story is set in a fictional town where “a new kind of poetry was emerging”.

The boy goes to live with his father who has a wife and four children.

The uncle lives in a home with his wife, four children and a dog, and the boy’s mother is working as a nanny.

Jimmy tells The Irishsun he was “very surprised” to read the book, but said it was “really funny”.

Jimmy also said he was glad he did it.”

It was very cathartic for me.

I was so happy,” he said.”

My whole life I’ve been doing something, and this was my chance to show people I could do something, to write, to draw, to make something out of myself.

“Jimmy said the book has “shocked” him, but also “paints a really bright picture” of his life.”

For me it’s a very happy and very positive thing, because I was just about to end my life,” he added.

Jimmy, who is from the south Dublin area, is survived by his wife Jill, and a son, Ethan.