Polish PM: I’ll ‘never leave the EU’

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said in an interview with Polish newspaper Wroclaw-Ruch, which was published on Sunday, that she will remain in the EU if the bloc fails to fulfil its obligations.

Poland has long been a staunch critic of the EU, which it sees as a vehicle for Brussels to push its agenda.

It has long maintained that it would be better to leave the bloc altogether, which would give it more freedom to pursue its own policies and policies it deems beneficial to Poland.

Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski told reporters on Sunday that the country is prepared to fight for a separate EU, and that if a different union fails to deliver the promised reforms it says it needs, it will stay in the European Union.

“I think we will stay here.

I’m not saying we will leave the European union, but if the European project has failed to deliver, I think that we are ready to fight to get out,” Sikorske said.”

The EU is not ready to go away.

I am not saying that they won’t try to convince us of the benefits of a different model.

But we will not be fooled,” Sikinski said.

The Polish government has been increasingly critical of the bloc since Brexit, arguing that the bloc lacks sufficient transparency and accountability, and has allowed it to be run like a business.

The EU, Sikorsk said, has a responsibility to protect the interests of its member states and should be focused on creating the conditions for the country to succeed economically.