Which Canadian news is best?

A Canadian journalist has been banned from Twitter for asking why the US is not banning Russian President Vladimir Putin from his country.

Al Jazeera English spoke to journalist Daniel Pinto who, along with journalist and editor-in-chief of the Al Jazeera English English English website Daniel Pincher, wrote a controversial post last year.

The post, entitled, “Russia is our friend”, read: “America is our enemy.


Because the people who run the US have chosen the wrong people to rule over them.

We have chosen our allies and enemies.

They have chosen us.

So the US cannot be trusted.”

Al Jazeera later clarified the post, stating it was not about Russia, but rather the role Russia played in the US election and US foreign policy, and the impact of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

The American media, they wrote, “will do their best to paint Russia as the villain, but the truth is that we have chosen America as our enemy and Russia as our friend”.

Al Jazeera has since removed the tweet from its Twitter account.

Pincher has been one of Al Jazeera’s most vocal critics of the US’s foreign policy and President Donald Trump.

He has been accused of bias and even been removed from the Al-Jazeera network.