‘I’ll be back’: Trump speaks to US citizens about the flu

In a Thursday morning phone call with the US Senate, President Donald Trump said he has been in contact with people who are experiencing flu symptoms and that he will be “back in the next few days.”

The president spoke to members of the Senate about the pandemic, the White House announced, adding that the president would “come back soon” and “speak to the American people.”

He also urged them to call their senators, the president added.

Trump did not elaborate on the details of his meeting, but said it was about the “flu.”

A White House official said in a statement that Trump told members of Congress that the flu is a real, and not a “fad” and that the administration will be looking at how to handle it.

The flu is now “real,” the president said, noting that he and his administration are “working very hard” to prevent the flu from spreading to the US.

The White House added that Trump has “taken a lot of responsibility” for the pandemics and said the president has directed the administration to “do everything we can to protect the American public from this pandemic.”