5-Year-Old Mandarin Speaks Mandarin in a New York City Bar

A 5-year-old Mandarin speaker has spoken English to a bar owner in New York, making her the first person in the world to speak Mandarin.

Shen Guo is the youngest person in China to speak English to an English-speaking bar owner.

The woman told The Washington Post she decided to take on the challenge after hearing that Mandarin speakers are more likely to be hired in the country.

“It was just a matter of time, right?” she said of her goal to speak to Mandarin-speaking patrons.

“I think I’ve already made an impact on people.”

According to a report published on Monday by the New York Times, Shen was able to teach Mandarin to a bartender at a bar called The New Yorker after she was offered a job at a local eatery.

“I think that if people like you can make it, there’s no reason not to try,” the bartender told her, according to the Times.

Seth Weisburd, a professor at New York University who has studied Mandarin and Mandarin speakers, said Shen’s achievement highlights the potential for young people to speak Chinese in a non-traditional setting.

“This is a good thing because Mandarin is very much about communication, not just listening,” Weisber said.

“If you are interested in Mandarin, you can definitely do it in the traditional way.

If you are not, you could do it online or at home.”