The best English muffins in Norway

English muffin pie is usually a staple of the dessert menu, but there are a handful of Norwegian and Danish versions, and these muffins are all worth trying.

From a sweet Danish muffin to a fluffy, slightly spicy English muffina, these are some of our favorites.

Read More to a thick, thick, soft and delicious Norwegian muffin with lots of bacon, sweet potatoes, and bacon bits, or the fluffy and buttery Danish muffins.

It’s all very tempting, but be warned that the Norwegian muffins tend to be a bit pricier than their Danish cousins.

Here are our favorite English muffinns in Norway.1.

English muffini with bacon and bacon sauce – Norwegian version1.

Danish muffini recipe – Norwegian variation1.

German muffin recipe – English version – English muffinis in Norway