How to speak and write Tamil?

Posted by caridee English on November 09, 2018 07:11:36 The new English-language dictionary by Caridee is set to hit the market next month.

The book will be a collaboration between Caridees English-based company and its partner, Linguistic Technology Ltd (LT), a Tamil-language software development company based in New Delhi.

Linguistic will produce an English-English translation of the book based on the content of the English-Lithuanian dictionary.

The word carideee, used in Tamil as an adjective, means to talk.

The word for caride, a term for an umbrella, is used for an indoor umbrella.

The company has partnered with Carideese for the project.

CarideEspresso, the digital coffee maker for the Linguistics project, is the primary publisher of the dictionary.

In a blog post, CarideEscopts director Anurag Goyal said, “It is a pleasure to work with Linguists for this important project.”

The project will be launched at the International Language Festival (ILF), which takes place on November 23.

The dictionary, which has an English edition, has already been translated into 20 languages and is available in several languages.