Claro in Tamil: Tamil speakers react to news

Tamil actor and producer, Claro Tamil, has been arrested in Singapore and is currently in police custody for allegedly posting offensive comments on social media.

Tamil was released from the police station on Monday evening, after a few hours of detention.

News. understands the actor and his family are in Singapore.

Tamil’s arrest is part of an ongoing investigation into comments he made on Facebook on Wednesday, in which he said: “I don’t care if I am in jail, the world is still a dangerous place and I want to live in the same way as my heroes”.

The actor is one of the most popular actors in Tamil cinema, with an estimated 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

He has been working in Tamil film since 2007.

Tamili was detained in Singapore on Tuesday night.

News Channel Seven’s news division tweeted a statement from Singapore Police saying that they have taken into custody a person known to have been in possession of offensive material on social networking sites.

The Singapore Police also tweeted that Tamil will be detained until his bail hearing in the High Court.

Tami was detained for allegedly sharing offensive comments about Singapore on social network and that he was arrested after being questioned by police.

Tami was reportedly detained at the Singapore Police Station at 4:15pm on Tuesday. in Tamil, a Tamil news outlet, said the Singapore police have taken Tamil into custody, while News reported that he is now in custody at the police headquarters.

Tamila is one to keep an eye on, with many Tamil film stars and actresses having been arrested for their social media posts.