Russian president says he will visit Kyrgyzstan on May 10

RUSSIAN PRESIDENT ALEXANDER NAPOLITANOV has told his Kyrgyzan counterpart that he will travel to the southern Kyrgystan province of Bishkek on May 5 to visit the country’s arabic language, and also meet with Kyrgykstan’s president.

“We will see him again in Bishkesk, and we will talk about the arab language,” Putin said on Wednesday in a news conference with Kyrgiz President Anisov.

Putin has repeatedly said he wants to visit Kyrgys country, which has been under a Moscow-backed separatist siege since late 2014.

The president has also said he hopes to see Bishkhanov on May 2 to attend the opening of a new park for Kyrgyks in Bakhchisaray, a city near the border with Russia.

Putin made the announcement during a news briefing with Bishkin President Serhiy Sargsyan, according to Kyrgyzn media.

Sarggyan told reporters that the two leaders had met several times before.

Kyrgyzhstan is one of Russia’s biggest export markets and enjoys a reputation as a prosperous, cosmopolitan and culturally diverse country.

The Kremlin has expressed concern over the situation in Besske, an ethnically Russian enclave that is home to the predominantly Muslim Kyrgyze ethnic minority.

Kyrgis have complained that they are being unfairly targeted by Russian authorities.

Kyrgarians have been fighting a separatist rebellion for almost three decades.

The conflict erupted when Kyrgyzy rebels launched an attack on Moscow in 2014, killing more than 200 people and sparking the biggest political crisis in the country in decades.

Kyrgzans government has accused Russia of supporting the rebels with arms, but Moscow denies this and has blamed the rebellion on the U.S.-backed insurgency in the predominantly Russian region of North Ossetia.