How will the MLS season play out in 2019?

The American soccer landscape has changed drastically over the last two decades.

The sport has been reborn in the United States and a new crop of talent is rising in the ranks of the national team.

It is a sport that is now a popular and successful sport in the country, and its future is set to continue to be the focus of attention.

The 2017 MLS season kicked off in earnest on Saturday with a preseason match between the Houston Dynamo and the Seattle Sounders.

The game was an important one, with the Houston side getting the chance to play for the first time in two years, a long time for any team.

However, the atmosphere was not the only reason for the game to take place.

The United States had to contend with another major crisis on the horizon.

The country’s economy had been in free fall for a while and the World Trade Center bombing that took place just days prior to the game left the country reeling.

The United States was also on a collision course with the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

While the game was played in the middle of a snowstorm, the American fans, many of whom are veterans, made sure to keep the atmosphere in check.

A few of them even got out of their cars to block traffic.

Despite the weather, fans were very enthusiastic about the game.

The atmosphere was just as loud as any other soccer game in the US.

The only downside was that the crowd seemed to be a little short on energy.

It took nearly 30 minutes for the match to get underway.

The Dynamo and Sounders players were able to get into the game with about 25 minutes remaining in the first half.

It was a tight affair, with Dynamo keeper Luis Garrido giving up a free kick and the Sounders keeper allowing a goal in the 10th minute.

It ended up going to extra time when the Dynamo equalized on a free-kick by Brad Davis, but the match was stopped short.

The second half started with a goal scored by Clint Dempsey.

The US striker’s header was well-placed and was headed into the top corner by goalkeeper Evan Bush, making it 2-1 in favor of the Dynamo.

It would take a late goal by Clint Pickens for the Dynamo to take the lead.

Dempsey’s goal gave the US the lead in the 20th minute, and it would be a few minutes before the Sounders made their run.

The final 10 minutes of the first period would see both sides score, with both sides taking two free kicks in quick succession.

It didn’t take long for the American players to start to take their share of the action.

The Sounders’ captain Clint Dempsey got on the scoresheet, scoring his first MLS goal with his second assist of the match, and he would finish the game by netting his third.

The first half ended with both teams up 2-0 in favor, and the American side would continue to control the match throughout the rest of the period.

In the 60th minute of stoppage time, Clint Pickers took a header from Brad Davis and fired it into the net, giving the US a 2-2 draw.

The match would finish 1-1 for both sides.

The next day, the US would play its first home game of the season against the Portland Timbers.

It started off with the crowd at its loudest, with nearly 50,000 fans turning out.

However the atmosphere soon soured and fans began to take matters into their own hands.

The crowd was soon reduced to a few hundred, but by the time the second half was played the numbers had gone back up to well over 80,000.

In a similar fashion to the previous two games, both teams would eventually fall to their respective teams on aggregate.

The Timbers would come out on top in the aggregate, with a 2,000-2 score line.

The second match would be played at a different venue, this time in Seattle.

The Seattle Sounders would win the game 2-3.