What is a muffin? And why do you need one?

A muffin is a soft, square cake topped with some kind of filling.

They are usually made with a variety of ingredients, but the ones with the most appeal are usually egg whites and butter.

They also contain a bit of flour and flour-less, low-fat flour.

The dough is then kneaded to create a firm dough, and then baked.

They have been popular in the United States since the 1800s.

It is also known as a muffins sandwich.

The first American muffin shops were established in New York City in 1876.

They became more popular in Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. in the 1940s and 1950s.

The muffin business expanded in the 1960s and 1970s, and more than 90 percent of Americans now eat muffins.

They often include egg whites to add some crunch and protein.

They can be topped with cream cheese or butter to make them easier to scoop out of the muffin pan.

The history of muffins dates back to the 19th century.

The recipe for a muffonata, a dough that is kneading, was published in 1816 by the Italian baker Luca Capito.

The book sold well and became a classic for American pastry-makers, who took it to the masses.

In the 1920s, the dough was introduced to Europe by Italian baker Luigi di Salutis.

In 1925, Capito made a commercial muffin.

The same year, he introduced a second, smaller muffin, called a muffi-bini.

In 1927, Capitano introduced the first of two smaller muffins, called the muffi and muffi bini, which were marketed as muffins with butter.

Capitiano also introduced the muffino muffin and the muffins made with eggs.

In 1947, Capita, a British muffin brand, introduced the smaller muffini muffin with butter, eggs and butter, with the same ingredients as Capito’s smaller muffi.

In 1949, Capitto introduced the third muffin muffin made with butter and eggs.

Capita continued to make muffins in Europe until 1983, when the company was bought by Nabisco.

The company’s muffin product lineup was updated in 1989, when it announced it would make its muffins using egg whites instead of egg yolks.

Today, Capittos muffins are made with egg whites, but they are still available with other egg-based ingredients.

Most people find the recipe to be a bit tricky, but it is a good way to satisfy an egg allergy.

The next best thing to a muffinet is a cupcake.

A cupcake is a small cake with a cup that is usually filled with icing, frosting, or chocolate.

They typically contain two ingredients, an egg and a flour.

It’s often filled with whipped cream and chocolate chips, although some make their cupcakes with vanilla ice cream.