When Syria’s Al Jazeera was destroyed by a Russian airstrike

BYLINE: By MICHAEL BODHISHA SECTION: NATIONAL NEWS; Pg. 14 LENGTH: 623 words Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a probe into the downing of a Russian military jet by the US Navy in Syria, his spokesman said Friday.

Putin has ordered an investigation into the Russian jet’s downing in Syria on Saturday.

The jet was reportedly flying from the Syrian port of Tartus to Latakia.

It was shot down by a US aircraft during the operation in the war-torn country.

A statement from Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the plane was flying in the southern part of the country when it was shot at.

It has been confirmed that the plane had Russian identification markings, and that it had Russian markings on its aircraft identification.

Peskov said Putin ordered an independent investigation into what happened, which is being led by a committee of experts, not by a civilian commission.

Perez is the president of the Russian Federation and Putin is the head of the state-run media conglomerate RT.

He has made Russia one of the most influential broadcasters in the world.