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Czech to English bulldog (Bulldog) is a common pet name in the Czech Republic and is also commonly used for other breeds.

The name “bulldog” was derived from the Czech word “bulla”, meaning “a large bull”.

The name is derived from “bull” meaning “bull”, the second letter of the Czech alphabet, and “dog” meaning dog.

In the Czech language, the “b” is pronounced as “ba”.

This is a short vowel, and is pronounced the same way in Czech as in English.

“Bulldog” is a very common pet term in the area, but the meaning of the name is much more complex.

According to the Czech Ministry of Culture and Sport, the bulldog is a member of the domestic dog family.

The name “BullDog” is derived in part from the name of a bulldog breed in the old Czech Republic.

This is not the only bulldog in the country, but it is the most common.

The Czech Republic is one of the largest dog countries in Europe.

Bulldogs are found throughout the country.

In addition to bulldogs, the Czechs also have the breed “hippogriff” and the German breed “Bärbel”.

There are also many breeds of the German shorthaired dog.

Bulldogs are also known as “hippy” or “hilly”, and are usually small in size, weighing between 100 and 200 pounds.

There are some breeds of this breed that are smaller than this, such as the “sport hound”.

These breeds are commonly used as companion dogs.

The term “bull dog” is used to describe the breed.

The Bulldog is not one of several breeds of dogs, but rather a single breed of dog.

According to the National Association of Dog Show Administrators (NADSA), the Bulldog originated in the late 1700s, but today the breed has been around since at least the 1890s.

The breed has also been called “German Shepherds”, and its name comes from a German shepherd who died in the early 1800s.

Bulldog breeds include the German Shepherd, which is the official name of the breed, and the Doberman, which stands for the German shepherd breed.

A Dobermann is an active dog that has never stopped working and is the best companion dog for a dog.

The Bulldog has been known to have been used for centuries in many European countries.

Bull dogs are very friendly dogs and are a very popular pet.

The German Shepherd can be easily trained to trust a new member of its pack.

Bulldog breeds are also well-known for being a very social breed.

The bulldog has a reputation for being extremely loyal, and this is especially true of the Duchy German shepherd.

The German shepherd is a small, powerful, and athletic breed.

These dogs are usually trained to protect other dogs and humans.

Dogs that are used as guard dogs and for hunting are very common in the German German Shepherd breed.

Bulls are also an excellent dog for people who have trouble controlling their temper, such in a domestic situation.

Bull dogs can be trained to follow commands that a person would normally never do, such when being trained to go out for a walk, or to follow someone else in a car.

The ability to follow orders can be extremely helpful when trying to keep a dog on leash.

Bull breeds are generally smaller than other dogs.

They can weigh between 20 and 60 pounds.

They are also very active and can chase down small animals and can even bite, but these are less common than in larger breeds.

Bull-dog training is very important for a bull dog to become comfortable with being in a social situation with people.

Bull-dog breeds have been trained to be aggressive and aggressive dogs, and should be trained and supervised in their training.

A bull-dog should never be given commands, or told to chase, but should be taught to follow the commands of the person he or she is with.

Bullingay: Dog vs. Dog-dog, Dog vs., Bull, Bulldog, Bull, Dog, Bull-Dog, Bull Terrier, Dog TerrierThe Bull Terriers (Duchy Dobermans and Duchies Doberons) are a breed of small, agile, and strong-tongued dogs.

Bull Terriers are very popular and are used in the United States to protect livestock.

The Dobermen (German Shepherd) is also used for protection of livestock.

Bull terriers are usually smaller than a Dobermiede, and are generally small and fast.

They weigh between 100 to 150 pounds.

Bull terriers can be a very energetic and friendly breed, but they need to be well-socialized and have a good working and social history.

They need a good relationship with people, and they are generally less prone to aggressive behavior.

The bull terrier is not considered a “breed”, but is a mix of