Which are the most popular languages in India?

India has over 5,000 languages and they are spoken across all parts of the country.

The country’s population is divided into the northern states, the south, and the eastern states.

The north is dominated by Hindi and Sanskrit, while the southern states, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, are dominated by Marathi, Hindi and Tamil.

According to the National Sample Survey Organisation, over 4.5 crore people, or 8.6% of the population, are classified as ‘English speakers’.

This is a staggering number and India’s largest linguistic minority, the Punjabi community, has a population of only about 4.4 crore.

In the north, the language of choice is Hindi and Punjabis are the largest linguistic minorities.

There are some 3.4 million Punjabis in India.

There were an estimated 1.2 million Punis in the country in 2011.

In Maharashtra, where the Punjais are the dominant linguistic minority in the state, there are an estimated 5.6 crore Punjas in the total.

The population of the southern state, Tamil Nadu, has the largest number of Punjasis.

It is estimated that there are roughly 1.8 million Punjas in the entire state.

The majority of the Punjas live in the south and the east of the state.

These numbers do not take into account other linguistic groups in the north and south, as well as the growing number of people in the east.

What are some of the most common words in English in India and what are the top five most popular English words?

There are more than 3,500 languages spoken in India, including over 4,000 spoken in Hindi, English, Urdu and Urdu-Punjabi.

Over 1,400 words are considered to be in the top 5 most popular words in Hindi.

The top five English words are:  “bir”, “birgit”, “Biraji”, “bhakta”, “banji” and “BHASA”.

How is the language spoken in the USA different to Indian?

In India, English is spoken in a variety of dialects, with the majority being Hindi and English.

While Hindi has gained popularity, English has gained a lot of support in the US.

According to the 2016 Census, English accounted for more than one-third of the total population of America.

As per the 2016 census, the Indian population was approximately 2.4 billion, or 11% of global population.

How many languages are spoken in North America?

The US has over 4 billion people and the largest language spoken is English.

English is the main lingua franca of the US, accounting for about 60% of its English-language population.

The other major language spoken by the US is Spanish.

India has over 1.5 billion people, making it the third largest country in the world after China and Brazil.

Is there a specific language in India that is spoken by people from other countries?


There is an annual census conducted by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, and it asks about the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of people living in the three countries.

For example, in India they ask if the people speak English, Tamil, Punjathi or Marathi.

If they answer yes, the country’s linguistic and linguistic groups are then divided into four linguistic groups: English-language speakers, Tamil-speaking, Punji-speaking and Marathi-speaking.

When the census is conducted, the census taker’s response is then translated into the three language groups and a list of all the languages spoken by all these linguistic groups is compiled.

A list of the top 20 most popular Hindi words in the United States is given below.

Top 20 Most Popular Hindi Words in the UK The most popular word in the British English language is the English word ‘thank you’.

The word ‘Thank you’ is the most widely used word in English.

The word ‘thanks’ is also used in Hindi and in Punjhas English.

It has a global use.

People in the English-speaking countries are taught to say ‘thank’ with their eyes open and when they are talking.

However, in Hindi speakers in India the phrase ‘thank me’ is used to greet other people.

Answering a question about the meaning of a word in Hindi is very easy.

If you say the word ‘amma’, you are asking a question and the Hindi word is Amma.

If the person is not asking you a question, you can say the same word again and again.

If the person you are talking to is asking a very specific question or they are asking you about something else, it is usually a good idea to say the words you want to say in a different way.

English is the predominant language spoken mainly in the North