Which words and phrases are pronounced differently in English?

The words and terms in this dictionary are commonly used in the English language and in everyday speech.

Some of them may also be familiar to you, such as “cocktail”, “candy”, “cow”, “cupcake”, “car”, “doughnut”, “furniture”, “fur”, “gum”, “juice”, “kangaroo”, “lottery”, “liquor”, “low”, “macaroni”, “milk”, “nurse”, “nut”, and “potato”.

But what do they actually mean?

And what does the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) say about them?

The Oxford English Dictionaries has a complete glossary, listing all of the words, phrases and other terms that are used in all parts of the English-speaking world.

For example, the dictionary defines “coupon” as a form of a payment made by one person or entity to another, as opposed to a gift.

But what does “coulter” mean?

The Oxford English dictionary defines it as a person who “fails to pay a person for a service or item or who, for an improper purpose, makes a payment to a person, organization or entity without a genuine intention of paying”.

This is an example of the common usage of “courier”.

The OED also explains that the word “couple” is not defined in English as a married couple.

In fact, it’s a family word meaning a family of two.

It is not an official English term, and has been dropped from the OED.

Instead, the OEd uses the word family to describe a group of people who have the same or similar characteristics.

The OED defines “family” as including “a group of persons”.

This is the definition of a “family of two”, meaning the same family as in the Oxford Dictionary definition.

In English, it can be said to be a couple of people.

But it also means that the family includes both a husband and a wife, and both of them have children.

This is a more informal definition.

The Oed also explains what a “covid” is:The Oxford dictionary defines a virus as a virus that causes disease.

A “covaid” virus is one that causes a viral infection in humans.

It can be a virus, a virus infection or both.

In English, “cows” are used as an umbrella term for the different species of animal that live in the UK, including cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

The Oxford dictionary explains that cattle is the word for cattle and horses is the term for horses.

In this way, cows and horses are used interchangeably.