Why it took so long for this to happen: Rose’s death

A man’s body was found on the roof of a hotel in the Spanish city of Barcelona on Wednesday, but authorities have yet to identify him.

The body of Sergio Barrera-Lopez, 33, was found near a rooftop bar in the trendy Barrio Cervantes neighborhood of the city, which is popular with tourists, according to the regional governor.

He was wearing a green jacket and blue pants, and was wearing headphones, according, to the Barcelona government.

Barrera-La, who was born in Argentina, was the last known person in the area who had been seen in public in the days leading up to the killing, according the governor’s office.

Barres-La is the third known person who has been murdered in the region since the end of June, the last time the city recorded a homicide.

The last such murder occurred in June, when a 34-year-old man was killed near the popular Plaza de Catalunya.

Authorities are investigating the death, which occurred just after midnight in the neighborhood, said regional governor Ana Bauza.

The police said Barres-Lizarre-La’s body appeared to have been hanging for several hours, but the cause of death was still being investigated.

Police have been searching the area in an effort to locate a witness, said police spokesman Jorge Ponce.

Authorities also said they had launched a homicide investigation, and were asking anyone with information to come forward.

Barcelona is known for its nightclubs and bars, but residents have expressed concerns that violence is rising.

Last week, a man was stabbed to death in the city’s popular Santa Cruz neighborhood.

He had recently returned to Spain after spending time in Argentina and Mexico, authorities said.